Tahitian Remene

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botanic name Citrus hystrix
Family Rutaceae
Usual names Combava (Reunion island, Indian Océan), Lime, Citronella
Polynesian names REMENE (TAHITI) , 
REMENE MAORI (Cook islands)

Distribution :

 A very ancient citrus, originating in India, which was introduced in the Indian Ocean at the end of the 18th century and more recently in the Pacific.

Description / habitat :

It is a small bush, aromatic in all of its parts, which grows on the shoreline since it prefers a sandy soil.
It is difficult to reproduce by layering, grows slowly, has fruit only at a very late date, but grows well as soon as it
has found the habitat, climate, shade and sunlight it requires.
In comparison to the lemon, it is less abundant, it has a few short spines, very largely winged leaves, small greenish
flowers. The perfume of the fruit is ageeable, it is round like a lemon, has a deep green lumpy texture; its skin is thick,
its flesh meaty, compressed, with little juice and many grains.

Background :

A decoction of the leaves is effecient against stomach ache (India).
A tisane of the root is purgative (India).
A soothing potion, based on the squashed peel, was given to babies to serve as a purge and an expectorant.
Its juice cures sores and eczema.

Chemical composition (2-4) :

Citronnellal, linalol, béta-citronnellol, limonène, sabinène, alpha-pinène, béta-pinène,alpha-phellandrène.(= terpènes, aldéhydes terpéniques, furocoumarines)

Biological activity (5,6):

  • Diuretic
  • Depurative
  • Remineralizing
  • Antibacterial, antiseptic
  • Antirhumatismal
  • Stimulates the immunitary defenses
  • Digestive tonic, soothing, sedative.

Traditional uses (2-9):

Was used in times past in Tahiti as a hair lotion (scalp treatment, dandruff).

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