French Polynesia, which is comprised of five archipelagoes in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean extending from the Equator to the Tropic of Capricorn, enjoys an island climate throughout the year with high sunlight and humidity factors and an average temperature of 26° C.
Throughout the centuries, it was in this framework of a tropical paradise with an abundance of flora, that the Polynesians were able to develop a culture in symbiosis with the very nature of the plants and lagoons, rich in color and in unique exotic scents. For instance, flowers are never absent from every aspect of Polynesian life: they are worn behind the ear on a daily basis, are always abundantly present under the orm of leis or necklaces during special occasions (parties, marriages, arrivals and departures). They are used in traditional medicine (“Raau Tahiti”) and for external care: rubs, lotions, massages, oils.
From time immemorial, Polynesians have always highly appreciated and made constant use of hair and sl<in care preparations, a typical example of which is the oiling of the body with scented oils: (Tahitian Monoi, Marquesean Pani, etc.), This has several useful functions: added beauty, shine and the scent it provides to the hair and skin, moisturizing capaciq; but also protection against the sun, heat, humidity, insects, sea salt, etc
The scientific analysis performed on each sample of local natural matter entering into the preparation of these traditional care products has made it possible to determine the many properties of several fruits, flowers or plants; especially for their regenerative, healing, anti—bacterial properties... which assure a fine future for Polynesian cosmeto-
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